Product quality management

Product quality and safe hygiene food are always the top concerns of producers and of every consumer. Because, as the current trend, consumers are more concerned about their health and safety than product price, particularly high quality products.

At present, we are graded well in ensuring safe hygiene food and are granted E.U. code (DL 70). Until now, Cafico is always in the list of producers exempted from antibiotics inspection by Nafiqaved for our products are not detected prohibited chemicals and antibiotics.

Our products have been penetrating into big markets of the world such as Japan, Australia, … These are the fastidious markets and are under strict control of quality and safe hygiene food. Being aware of this importance, we always pay attention to implementation of product quality management programs.

Quality management system being applied :

HACCP program (Hazard Analysis and Critic Control Point) has been applied to our production in order to ensure the best quality for products. In HACCP program, there are Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) and Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations (GMP) which help producers reject hazards out of their products.

A laboratory is available for regular bacterial inspection supporting the product quality management at our factory.

Groups of technology, HACCP and QC are established. This is the core force of the factory. They usually control product quality, production regulations, specifications and check bacterial conditions during production.

Yearly, we organize training courses to upgrade worker’s skill; usually arrange special meetings to consolidate and update worker’s knowledge; educate workers to obey discipline in processing steps, production and sanitation regulations, to ensure product quality and safe hygiene food. The upgrading and improving safe hygiene food will add considerably the value of product.

“Each worker is a quality controller, taking responsibility for the product made by him/herself”. This motto is the basic factor to maintain our trade name’s reputation and product quality.
The development of Cafico through years creates a wide range of plentiful and diversified high quality products. Thanks to this, until now we have been satisfying better and better our fastidious customers’ needs. That is the foundation to create effects and to orient the development for the company’s future.


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