Target :

Cafico Vietnam’s activity target is to mobilise and use capital effectively in order to create the most profits for the share holders within the permit of the laws; to keep developing business activities, expanding local markets and exporting products; to create jobs, improve working conditions, increase income and living standards of employees; to ensure the share holders’ benefits, to fulfill the duties to the State.
We consider the effect of business, especially profits as a ruler to measure our all activities.

Activity policy :

Our policy is to set up co-operation relationship with all customers inside and outside of the country in terms of friendship and mutual benefits.

Solutions :

By combining appropriately the advantageous factors of loyal leaderships, effective management system, professional skillful workers, good sources of raw material, Cafico Vietnam is able to produce more and more high value-added products to meet the best customers' needs, to maintain trade name’s reputation in local and overseas markets, to supply an increasing volume of products, to expand consumption market and to create sustainable growth.


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