Production Technology

We have been applying the technology for producing marine products on the standards of Japanese, E.U., Australia markets. Especially for raw-eating products (sushi, sashimi,…), we have been experiencing since 1993, preferred by Japanese customers.

We have been uniforming our facilities, applying new technology and producing effectively, increasing volume of value-added products. In production, we regard the duty of product quality management as the top priority in order to maintain our trade name not only in domestic but also in overseas markets, particularly high value products (which currently account for over 70% of our total volume of export products).

Thanks to these products, we annually get more profits than other products (in term of block); this is the key factor for our success in trading and producing marine products.

At present, we always pay attention to enhance our product quality in order to meet strict and severe requirements on production regulations and higher quality of big customers from fastidious markets; this is the reason to increase yearly product volume for regular traditional customers and to expand markets to other regions over the world.


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